About the Journal

About ARHEP Journal

ARHEP (Art and Architecture Review for High Excellence in Practice) is an interdisciplinary journal that bridges the gap between art and architecture. Our mission is to explore the interplay of design, functionality, and beauty in architectural practices while celebrating the influence of art in shaping spaces. We publish insightful articles, critical essays, and reviews that examine current trends, historical milestones, and emerging theories in architecture and the visual arts.

With a commitment to high-quality content, ARHEP serves as a canvas for architects, artists, scholars, and students to present innovative ideas and engage in a dialogue that inspires new perspectives. Our journal is a repository of knowledge for those who seek to understand the nuances of architecture and its symbiotic relationship with art, providing a narrative that is both informative and transformative.

Whether it's through detailed case studies, thought-provoking critiques, or showcasing groundbreaking projects, ARHEP stands as a testament to the creativity and intellectual rigor that defines the fields of art and architecture